Big God Short message is a feature I used to do every Saturday night at about 5:40 pm during The Ground Floor classic Christian rock show which airs from 5:00 to 7:00 pm on KFSG 93.5 fm in Los Angeles. The idea was the brain child of the legendary Kevin Allison, founder, producer, and rock and roll tour guide of The Ground Floor. The desire of The Ground Floor radio ministry is to reach out with a message of hope to the community. After three Years of Involvement with this ministry we have decided to step out and pursue some other areas of ministry that we have had on our hearts. One of the things are for me to finish my bible degree. We are also very involved as the worship leaders at our church. The time spent with the ground floor was awesome and all the people there are still great friends which we look forward to being involved with as time permits. I will also be putting a new BGSM sermon on this page from time to time so you can come here to be stimulated and edified in your faith.


Greetings Southern Ca, As I thought about what to say today I thought about the times we are living in and realized that the potential for fear and worry today is very high. With unemployment soaring, the economy falling, with anthrax in the mail and threats of attacks within the US by terrorists, we need an anchor; we need a rock we can stand on. We need confidence in a God who is at work for us to do us good even in the face of the threats to do us harm. That is what the Gospel is. It is the message of an all powerful sovereign God who is at work redeeming a people for himself. The Gospel is powerful in those who believe. The introduction of the gospel into the hearts and minds of men and women can give a hope and a stability that withstands the pressures of today. The Gospel is that God put forth Jesus Christ to pay a price we could never pay. That God was at work in Christ to redeem the world to himself. That God proved His righteousness by punishing sin on the cross in Christ so that he could freely forgive the sins of all who believe. Then when the price was paid He raised Him back to life. Now the promise of an eternity of happiness in Gods presence is to all who believe. And since we are promised this eternity, it means God must keep us in his love until we breathe our last breath. The Gospel is God keeping us in his love, even as we face the troubled times we live in. My friends I urge you this day, Keep yourselves in the Love of God. Do not neglect the fellowship of believers, the reading of scripture, Prayer, and the worship of your heavenly Father which are all means by which God provides us His love, mercy and Grace.

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